[l2h] bibliography not showing in table of contents

Ellis, Nick (Marine, Cleveland) Ellis, Nick (Marine, Cleveland)" <Nick.Ellis@cmis.csiro.au
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 16:15:13 +1000

I'm confused about how to get the bibliography showing in the table of
contents. My bibliography appears in a file references.tex, which is
included using \segment from the top-level file f9515.tex. However, the html
table of contents doesn't show the Bibliography. I can get round this by
\including the references file in the top level instead of \segment-ing it.
However, then I find that the links from the chapters don't work, because I
can't figure out what \internal command to use inside e.g. ch1.tex.

I would greatly appreciate any helpful pointers. I've included the
bibliography, the top level file, the first chapter (very short) and the

Nick Ellis
CSIRO Marine Research	mailto:Nick.Ellis@marine.csiro.au
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Cleveland QLD 4163    	fax   +61 (07) 3826 7222
Australia			http://www.marine.csiro.au

\startdocument			% Mark the end of the preamble
\newcommand{\canj}{Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences}
\harvarditem{Sainsbury}{1980}{Sain80} Sainsbury, K.~J. (1980). Effect of
individual variability on the von Bertalanffy growth equation. {\it \canj
\/} {\bf {\bf 37,}} 241--247.

top level file
\internal[sections]{ch1}         % Include section information
\internal[contents]{ch1}         % Include table-of-content
  \segment{ch1}{chapter}{Estimation of Mortality and Growth Parameters from
Length Frequency Data}

%\internal{internals}   %my attempt at making the \include{references}
version work
\startdocument			% Mark the end of the preamble
Traditional methods assume a deterministic relationship between
size and age for the population.  It is more realistic to assume
there is individual variability in growth \citep*{Sain80}. 

#  This sample makefile provides a starting point for building
#  HTML documents which multiple segments and inter-segment
#  dependencies.  This example is included with the V96.1
#  version of latex2html.

TOP 	  = f9515
INT	  = internals.pl
TEXES	  = ch1.tex references.tex ch0.tex ch6.tex
SECTIONS  = $(TOP)/ch1.html $(TOP)/references.html
TOPTITLE  = "Estimation of Population Parameters for Australian Prawn
S1TITLE	  = "Estimation of Mortality and Growth Parameters from Length
Frequency Data"
REFTITLE	  = "Bibliography"

L2H 	  = latex2html -local_icons 
LaTeX	  = latex
DVIPS	  = dvips

COMMON	  = -dir $(TOP) -external_file $(TOP) 
LTOP	  = $(L2H) -t $(TOPTITLE) $(TOP).tex
LSEC1	  = $(L2H) $(COMMON) -prefix ch1 -info "" \
		-up_url $(TOP).html \
		-up_title $(TOPTITLE) \
LREF	  = $(L2H) $(COMMON) -prefix references -info "" \
		-up_url $(TOP).html \
		-up_title $(TOPTITLE) \

all:	$(TOP).ps $(TOP)/$(TOP).html

$(TOP).dvi:	$(TOP).tex $(TOP).aux
	$(LaTeX) $(TOP).tex

$(TOP).aux:	$(TOP).tex $(TEXES)
	$(LaTeX) $(TOP).tex

$(TOP).ps:	$(TOP).dvi
	$(DVIPS) -o $@ $(TOP)

$(TOP)/$(TOP).html :	$(TOP).tex $(TOP).aux $(SECTIONS)

$(TOP)/ch1.html:	ch1.tex $(TOP)/references$(INT)
	$(MAKE)	ch1.stamp

$(TOP)/references.html:	references.tex 
	$(MAKE)	references.stamp

ch1.stamp:	ch1.tex  $(TOP)/references$(INT)
	touch $@

references.stamp:	references.tex 
	touch $@



	rm -rf $(TOP) $(TOP).dvi $(TOP).aux $(TOP).log $(TOP).toc \
	    $(TOP).lof $(TOP).ps ch1.ptr ch2.ptr ch1.stamp ch2.stamp \
	    ch3.ptr ch4.ptr ch3.stamp ch4.stamp ch5.ptr ch5.stamp
references.ptr references.stamp