[Indic-dev] Bold & Italic versions of Velthuis font

Alex A.J. alexaj at myrealbox.com
Thu Apr 24 01:00:22 CEST 2003

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From: S. venkataraman <svenkat at ignou.ac.in>

> Hi,
> Is the following possible?  Suppose we want to use a bold devanagari
> font with latex.  If we have the .afm file,
> using fontinst package, can we create a virtual font which has the same
> encoding as velthuis's font from this ?
> Once this is done, we can create an appropriate .fd file for use with
> velthuis' package.

Well i've generated the bold and italic varients using TeXtrace.
They seem to be quite okey. A test document is here:


Actually they are just quick hacks of the original mf sources.
Currently the files are scattered all over my system ( and i'm
very busy with development of Malayalam-TeX). I'll release
a tarball very soon.

> available. Even the site www.akruti.com <http://www.akruti.com>  doesn't
> seem to exist. Have they been withdrawn? There is a bold devanagari
> truetype font in the bundle which could be used to create a type 1
> postscript font.  )

The fonts from Akruti cannot be used with devnag because the
package depends heavily on the glyph mapping (position of
individual chars in the dvng font). This is a serious limitation of the
package, which, i'm afraid, cannot be rectified easily.

However, there are two possibilities for using the akruti
fonts (if you are REALLY paranoid). You could use pfaedit or
some other font-editing software to remap the glyphs to match
the dvng fonts. Or you have to redefine all the macros found
inside dev.sty (Aaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!).


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