(even more!) BUGS: 1.9.15's omx.etx and mathex.mtx

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 06:47:31 -0500

Please excuse my cross-posting this, but I felt that this matter should
probably be discussed on a wider forum than merely the fontinst mailing

At 14.00 +0100 2000-11-18, Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
>I have found a couple of bugs in the math etx and mtx files recently
>uploaded to CTAN.
>Comparing omx.etx and texmext.enc, there are three misnamed glyphs in oms.etx:
>oms.etx              texmext.enc
>arrowdblvertex       arrowvertexdbl
>hatwideerr           hatwidest
>tildewiderr          tildewidest

I changed those glyph names around 16.00 2000-11-20. At 23.33 +0100
2000-11-20, Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
>I probably reported the bugs too soon because I found a few more jewels. This
>time, to be really sure, I compared the AFMs of MathTime, Adobe
>Lucida and Lucida New Math.
>       should be
>oms.etx        texmext.enc
>barex          vertextendsingle
>bardblex       vertextendouble
>angle*         angbracket*
>all these changes broke oms.mtx, and I had to do some heavy editing and
>comment out the references to ``bar'' I couldn't resolve to real glyphs.
>Checking Adobe's UNICODE 2.1 to postscript names and Adobe's corporate use
>block, it seems that the math encoding files were created to work with
>Adobe  Symbol instead of CMEX/MathTime/Lucida's. Those Adobe Symbol names
>should probably go in a renaming hack file (for mathptm and such)? I
>haven't fiddled with oms and oml just yet, but they are probably a can of
>worms too... I continued fiddling with omx last weekend and...

Now I've compared the glyph names of all three old math encodings OML /
TeXMathItalicEncoding (texmital.enc vs. oml.etx), OMS /
TeXMathSymbolEncoding (texmsym.enc vs. oms.etx), and OMX /
TeXMathExtensionEncoding (texmext.enc vs. omx.etx). These are the
differences I found (first column is slot number in decimal, second column
is glyph name in the ENC files, and third column is glyph name in ETX

TeXMathItalicEncoding (OML):
  [40 /arrowlefttophalf /harpoonleftup]
  [41 /arrowleftbothalf /harpoonleftdown]
  [42 /arrowrighttophalf /harpoonrightup]
  [43 /arrowrightbothalf /harpoonrightdown]
  [44 /arrowhookleft /hookrightchar]
  [45 /arrowhookright /hookleftchar]
TeXMathSymbolEncoding (OMS):
  [55 /mapsto /mapstochar]
  [59 /emptyset /emptysetstress]
  [60 /Rfractur /Rfraktur]
  [61 /Ifractur /Ifraktur]
  [104 /angbracketleft /angleleft]
  [105 /angbracketright /angleright]
  [112 /radical /radicallow]
  [114 /nabla /gradient]
TeXMathExtensionEncoding (OMX):
  [10 /angbracketleftbig /angleleftbig]
  [11 /angbracketrightbig /anglerightbig]
  [12 /vextendsingle /barex]
  [13 /vextenddouble /bardblex]
  [28 /angbracketleftbigg /angleleftbigg]
  [29 /angbracketrightbigg /anglerightbigg]
  [42 /angbracketleftBigg /angleleftBigg]
  [43 /angbracketrightBigg /anglerightBigg]
  [68 /angbracketleftBig /angleleftBig]
  [69 /angbracketrightBig /anglerightBig]

Could anyone please straighten out which names are correct? My own
experience with math fonts is rather limited.

Lars Hellström