[Q] setting the xheight

Walter Schmidt walter.schmidt@arcormail.de
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 18:28:39 -0500

On 07 Nov 2000 00:24:01 +0100, Rolf Marvin Be Lindgren wrote:

>> One specific lay-out matter: we wondered how the running heads were
>> done as they seem to be too small. Every character should have the
>> same typesize, but now the characters after the first one appear to be
>> formatted in a different typesize. E.g.: In <Musical> the M is size 10
>> or 9 and usical is 6. Please make sure all running titles are
>> formatted in small caps, title case and in one typesize, which should
>> be point size 9.

Ooops, perhaps "small caps" means that you have to typeset 
the running heads in _all_capitals_ at a size of 9 pt ???