Fontinst v1.915 math uploaded

Lars Hellström
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 09:01:57 -0400

At 17.46 +0200 2000-08-30, I wrote:
>As no new bugs have been found in fontinst v1.914 for about two months, I
>believe it is safe to make v1.915 (which is little more than a corrected
>v1.914) the non-prerelease version of fontinst v1.9. Hopefully it shouldn't
>have to take that long, but of course I can't make any promises ...

This reservation turned out to be more justified than I had thought, since
I'm not even halfway through the inputs/ subtree yet! I have however
completed updating the mathetx/ and mathmtx/ directories and uploaded their
contents to CTAN (in fontinst-prerelease/inputs/), so you may take a look
at them if you want. The main difference is that I have introduced
intermediate variables for the math-specific fontdimens; this makes it
unnecessary to set the fontdimen(n) integers in an MTX file just for
overriding the defaults.

I'm still waiting for an answer from Ulrik Vieth whether I can/should
include some of the other math ETX files Mattias Clasen and he created as
part of their work with new math encodings. In particular msam.etx and
msbm.etx should be generally useful, but I think it would be fun to include
the 8-bit math encodings as well, provided they are reasonably stable.
We'll see ...

Anyway, since I'm done with the math I have now started to work on the
latin files, so if anyone knows something which ought to be fixed, or just
wants to remind me of something discussed previously on this list, then now
is a suitable time to tell me about that.

Hoping the rest won't take as long,
Lars Hellström