Lars Hellström
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 08:27:44 -0400

At 18.24 +0200 2000-10-10, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>On 10 Oct 2000 18:11:23 +0400, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
>>but you should make sure
>>that the TFM file declares this character as having zero-width and a
>>height of lowercase letters.
>How can this be accomplished?  I'm not making a vf,
>so how can I create a tfm record which does _not_ refer
>to a real (existing) glyph?

If you're making the PL/TFM using \installrawfont, you just need to make an
MTX file saying


this will cause a CHARACTER entry for compwordmark with the desired glyph
dimensions to be written to the PL, and that will satisfy TeX. When a DVI
driver encounters this character (\char 23) in a DVI file, it will treat it
as any other character and write postscript instructions for drawing the
character. The printer will look up entry 23 in the font's Encoding array
(which you have set by reencoding the font) and sees that character 23 is
the glyph `.notdef', which it then draws. Every PS font must contain a
glyph named .notdef.

BTW, the designsize and slot entries in the above \setrawglyph are not used
in \installrawfont (\etxtopl); they're only needed when writing a VPL.

Lars Hellström