Eacute in smallcaps

Alain Nadeau nadeau@peraldus.ch
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 00:10:12 -0500

Well, here goes my first posting on this list. And I'm not even sure
it's the appropriate forum after all. 

So I purchased the Adobe Garamond PS Fonts, including the expert fonts,
so I could have proper small caps, ligs and OSF. I installed the whole
lot using Alan Hoenig's vfinst (as well as his book as guide) and
everything looks really nice in the finished book (due this afternoon at
the printer's).

Until. that is, I suddenly realized that smallcaps Eacute
(\textsc{\'{E}}) is shown in the dvi file as an Oslash, and in the ps
file as a blank gap... 

Why this is so is way beyond this plain mortal's brain. I thought I had
painstakingly followed all the appropriate instructions in creating the
two families padx and pad9. As far as I can tell, padr8x.afm does have
Eacutesmall in slot 233; but then again, file ase2exp.mtx (from vfinst)
has the line \rename{Oslash}{Eacutesmall}, to "rename the glyphs in an
expert afm file in case they have been sloppily renamed originally, as
in the Adobe Garamond family". Is this what is causing my problem?
Should I reinstall my fonts without such "renaming of the afm glyphs"?

I have been on this all night, literally, alas unsuccesfully. I'd be
extremely grateful for any assistance in finding Eacutesmall...