Some recent developments

Lars Hellström
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 10:41:07 -0500

At 14.04 +0100 2000-02-22, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Feb 2000 20:30:10 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:
>>Also, I have the impression that this transform isn't
>>supported by most drivers. Does anyone have a different
>>opinion on this?
>At fontmap level, dvips provides x-scaling.
>VTeX, in contrast, implements y-scaling (beside
>isotropical scaling, of course), and it has to
>be performed at TeX Level:

The problem is that we can't put code into people's .tex files, hence such
features are of no use when one is looking for ways of implementing
\yscalefont. It's still another piece of "the map of TeX font
transformation capabilities" however, and as such welcome.

Lars Hellström