Some recent developments

Walter Schmidt
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 08:07:54 -0500

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000 20:30:10 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:

>Also, I have the impression that this transform isn't 
>supported by most drivers. Does anyone have a different
>opinion on this?

At fontmap level, dvips provides x-scaling.
VTeX, in contrast, implements y-scaling (beside
isotropical scaling, of course), and it has to 
be performed at TeX Level:

  \aliasfont mycmr = cmr10 aspect 900

This will emulate a variant of cmr10, with the
height scaled down to 90% of its regular value.

OTOH, x-scaling must be put together from 
isotropical scaling and y-scaling:

  \aliasfont xyatip11 = xyatip10 scaled 1100 aspect 909

whereas the dvips font map says

  xyatip11 XYATIP10 "1.1 ExtendFont" <xyatip10.pfb