fontinst bug(s) ?

Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:33:09 -0500

Walter Schmidt wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Jan 2000 05:36:11 +0100 (MEZ), Walter Schmidt wrote:
> > Ghostview 5.50 rendered the resulting
> >PostScript file flawlessly.
> I forgot to add:  _Your_ .ps file, which had been created
> _without_ partial downloading, was also rendered well.
> However, your .ps file which contains _partial_ fonts,

But, as explained in my msg
this was not generated with a true dvips5.86...

> made my Ghostview crash.
> Furthermore, I just notice that problems with dvips 5.86
> partial downloading of expert fonts (sic!) are being
> reported on the tex-fonts mailing list, too!
> IMO, a problem report should be sent to the maintainer
> of dvips:  "Tomas G. Rokicki" <rokicki@CS.Stanford.EDU>
> --
> Walter

Walter is perfectly right, of course...

After his msg <> of Sun, 23 Jan 2000
05:36:11 +0100 (MEZ) <>,
I could, thanks to T. Kiffe, update and correct my versions of dvicopy,
dvitype, odvicopy, odvitype, vftovp, and vptovf.

With those corrected programs, all previously mentioned difficulties
(except for partial downloading) have disappeared:
 - running the vf's back through vftovp causes no more errors.
 - running the dvi file through dvicopy or dvitype causes no errors.
 - running dvips -j0, or using pdftex directly, also causes no errors.

I also generated a ps file with a true dvips5.86 (and partial downloading)
(both on the original dvi-file and on the output of dvicopy),
and both ghostview and Distiller crash on it...

All files necessary to reproduce this are available as test2.tgz by
anonymous ftp at; if somebody interested has
problems with this, I can also send him the archive privately as an
e-mail attachment.

So I think that, as far as this list is concerned, this thread can be
closed; _ and, Walter, don't forget to close psnfss/3153.
Sorry to have disturbed so many people with this...