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Re: fontinst bug(s) ?

Walter Schmidt wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:08:48 +0100, jfm wrote:
> >All required files, including logs, fonts, [...] etc,
>                                      ^^^^^
> >can be downloaded by anonymous ftp
> Pretty cool ;-)
> >A) There was an obvious problem with partial downloading: the ps file created
> >that way is rejected both by ghostview and by Distiller.
> I ran test2.dvi through dvips 5.83 (OS/2), using your metrics,
> vf's and fonts.  Ghostview 5.50 rendered the resulting
> PostScript file flawlessly.

Was this with partial downloading ?
As I wrote to you in a previous mail:

<  - running with dvips without partial downloading causes no errors
< (but cf below).
<  - T. Kiffe (the author of CMacTeX) wrote me once that he had taken
< his partial dowmloading code for dvips5.86 from pdftex, since Rockiki
< had not yet reacted to partial downloading difficulties with the
< Bakoma-extra fonts. So the fact that with partial downloading I had
< problems with both dvips and pdftex could conceivably be one and the
< same problem.

Further, with the files on the server (cf. below), the trouble with
pdftex has mysteriously disappeared; but not with (the above) "dvips5.86"'s
partial downloading.

And chiefly, the error found by dvicopy didn't disappear.

>                               (This refers to the files you
> had sent me via personal mail;  I assume they are the same
> than on the ftp server.)

Not quite: on the server I took care to make sure that all files
besides the standard ones (including psnfss-beta) were generated
via \latinfamily by fontinst 1.910. 
And all fontinst intermediate files are there too. 


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