[dvipdfmx] missing annotation rectangle if the box contains no glyph

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Jun 24 19:55:13 CEST 2020

>> > But the original problem was when using hyperref package:
>> >   \hyperlink{name}{\phantom{text}}text
>> > Then, hyperref needs to automatically adjust special commands it generates
>> > according to the text in \hyperlink{}?
>> probably it would make more sense then if \phantom would write its
>> dimensions to the dvi.

> Can hyperref modify the definition of \phantom temporarily within hyperlink (and
> if any within other commands which use pdf:bann and pdf:eann) so that it inserts
> a special instruction like,

>   \special{pdf:xann width 32pt height 9pt depth 1pt}

> which tells dvipdfmx to extend the current annotation rectangle being
> calculated?

Theoretically yes. But practically I would like to avoid to redefine
commands all the time, so probably it would be better if
\phantom would check if it is inside a link.
But couldn't there be a generic special that describes an area and that
xdvipdfmx simply ignores outside bann/eann but takes into account
inside the annotation?


\special{pdf:rule width 32pt height 9pt depth 1pt} %ignore
\special{pdf:bann ...}
\special{pdf:rule width 32pt height 9pt depth 1pt} %
some other stuff   \special{pdf:rule width 32pt height 15pt depth 0pt} %
more other stuff
\special{pdf:eann ...}

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