[dviout] dviout font rendering glitch on windows

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Fri Aug 13 20:03:35 CEST 2010


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>Beuthe, Thomas wrote:
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>> Does anyone have an idea how I can make dviout 
>> and the pfm installed CM fonts co-exist peacefully?
>I expect that the following processes disable
>the OS-installed fonts in dviout:
>(1) Run dviout
>(2) Click the menu "Option"
>(3) Select "Setup Parameters..."
>(4) Select the "Font2" tab
>(5) Set the value of "ttf:" to 0
>(6) Click "Flush"
>(7) Click "Save"
>(8) Click "OK"
>(9) Exit dviout by "File ---> Exit+Save"

Thanks you for your excellent, detailed and very prompt reply.
I have the honour of being the first post to the mailing list!

At first I tried to follow the procedure exactly as you had written.
I ran dviout without actually looking at a file because I thought this is
what you meant, and followed the rest of the above procedure.

Then, I displayed an actual dvi file, but file was still messed up.

So, I went through the above procedure,
but this time while displaying the actual file.
When I got to step 8, the file displayed properly. (And I was very happy!)

After this I exited and saved as outlined in step (9).

When I got back into the file, it was still displayed properly.

If I got back out and recompiled the file, and then displayed it again,
it also displayed properly.

If I compiled another file, and got into dviout, it also displayed properly,
so it looks like everything is working now.

One last question:  When I now look at the "Font2" tab, the "ttf" parameter
value is displayed as 1 (not zero the way it was set), but dviout continues
to display the files correctly anyway.
Why is this? (I'm just curious.)

Thanks again for everything!



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