[accessibility] TeX Hour: 2 June: 6:30pm UK time: Setting up workstation with Distrobox

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:09:25 CEST 2022


Sometimes I make or find the thing whose absence is blocking me. It's nice
when this happens. In tomorrow's TeX Hour I will share what I've learnt
about Distrobox, and how it will help me repackage TeX Live so that it can
be stored and distributed using git as a distributed content
addressable store. This is part of the foundation for Portable TeX
Documents (PTD).

Software tools for creating accessible documents have many components.
Reproducing this environment for others to use is hard work. Portable TeX
Documents will make it much easier and quicker to get the environment
needed for by source TeX document.

TeX Hour: Thursday 2 June, 6:30 to 7:30pm UK time.
Zoom URL:
UK Time Now: https://time.is/UK.

Here's the background. I've rebuilt my PC to have a 24-thread CPU, 64 GB of
memory and 1 TB of NVME storage. The new parts (including motherboard and
cooler) cost about £1,000. It's an upgrade from a machine built about 10
years ago, and I hope it will also last about 10 years. I'm keen to do
large reproducible calculations, and to develop systems that work on
multiple platforms. Setting things up now will bring benefits later (and
soon, I hope). One is better understanding of the NVDA screen reader.

And here's why Distrobox. Yesterday in The Register I read:

If you routinely have to work with multiple different distros [...]
> DistroBox could save you a fair amount of time and effort. The tool is
> intended to simplify the creation and use of Linux system containers,
> making it easy to run one distro on top of another without the overhead of
> virtual machines.


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with best wishes

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