[accessibility] An interesting discussion on SX

Frank Mittelbach frank.mittelbach at latex-project.org
Tue Jun 11 15:03:12 CEST 2019

Am 11.06.19 um 14:36 schrieb Kevin Fjelsted:
> It looks like Axessibility has been removed from TeX Live because it 
> doesn’t have a signature. I remember seeing it on the list until I 
> installed TeX Live 2019 and then after enabling signatures, the 
> package was removed. -Kevin

Kevin, don't think so; it is simply a work with a non-compatible (aka 
license  --- TeX live doesn't include material that can't be changed or
that can't be used for commercial purposes etc. The license does not
allow for commercial use which is most likely why it got dropped from
the distributions.


  as your code essentially is modifying LaTeX code that is all under LPPL
why not use LPPL too?

a) you would get it into the standard
distributions then and  b) I'm not even sure if using CC-xxx without
qualifications for code derived from LPPL code is valid --- at least you
would need to qualify it because of clause §10 of LPPL:

10.1  A Derived Work may be distributed under a different license provided
that license itself honors the conditions listed in Clause 6 above, in
regard to the Work, though it does not have to honor the rest of the
conditions in this license.

10.2  If a Derived Work is distributed under a different license, that 
Work must provide sufficient documentation as part of itself to allow
each recipient of that Derived Work to honor the restrictions in Clause
6 above, concerning changes from the Work.


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