[accessibility] An interesting discussion on SX

Boris Veytsman borisv at lk.net
Sun May 19 01:16:26 CEST 2019

Hi Kevin

Thanks for your letter!

Couple of notes from the point of view of a TeXnician.  While (La)TeX
should be accessible, the PDF created from it might be not.  Therefore
we need to make sure the PDF contains the information needed by a
blind person. There was quite a discussion about the kind of
information we put in the PDF: should it be the LaTeX source (the
simplest idea for a TeX developer) or something completely different.

As to Braille.  I am glad to tell that the current issue of TUGboat
has a very interesting article by Susan Jolly about Nemeth Braille.
CTAN has a couple of packages for Braille:
https://ctan.org/pkg/braille and https://ctan.org/pkg/latex2nemeth.
The second package claims even support for PSTricks graphics!

As an editor for TUGboat and President of TUG I would be very
interested in

1.  An article for TUGboat discussing these packages, their strengths
    and limitations. 

2.  A discussion of what is needed for a full support of Braille in

We now got a seed grant from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to help
in connecting developers and further fundraising for development of
accessibilty support for TeX.  So any discussion of what is needed and
how can we achieve it will help.  We are very open for papers about
the needs of blind persons and what development effort is neccessary.

Please see http://tug.org/tugboat/location.html for author tips.  

Good luck


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