[accessibility] numfocus.org sponsorship

Christopher Rowley c.a.rowley at icloud.com
Wed Jun 20 03:21:27 CEST 2018

The only problem with using  numfocus is that it is for the “data science” community:

“Your donation makes our open source data science community possible!”

So the hurdle now is to convince that community that the development of “data 
Publishing” should be part of their concern.  Organisations such as Overleaf maybe useful allies in this.

This reminds me of the struggle to show that “high quality text processing is universally importantly” and hence its development should be supported by everyone, in many ways.  The first part of the campaign was reasonably successful but by then so much text-processing stuff (if variable quality) appeared to be completely free and automagically available, that almost no one gave any thought to sponsoring its maintenance or development.


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