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TUGboat 6:1, March 1985

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Intergraph Corporation   c3 
Complete issue 6:1 as one pdf (3.5mb) 
Title page   
Addresses of Officers, Authors and Others   
Official Announcements   
General Delivery
Message from the President 
  Pierre MacKay 
ANSI X3V1.8 Liaison Report to the TUG 
  Lawrence A. Beck 
General Delivery   4-6 
Acknowledgement of Contributions   
First principles of typographic design for document production: Corrigenda 
  Richard Southall 
Low TeX
Editor's introduction 
  Maureen Eppstein 
Generic font file format   8-12 
A bit of doggerel 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
Output Devices
Chart: Output devices and computers   13-15 
Output Devices   13-16 
Device drivers included on the UNIX TeX distribution tape 
  Richard Furuta 
A TeX82 spooler for VT and dot matrix printers 
  M.L. Luvisetto, Enzo Ugolini 
Index to sample output from various devices   15 
Site Reports
How to get the latest news via TeXhax   16-17 
Site Reports   16-25 
Prime site report 
  John Crawford 
Unix TeX site report 
  Richard Furuta 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Barry Smith 
TeX for tourists 
  James A. Cumiskey 
“small” TeX
Table of “small” TeX implementations 
  Lance Carnes 
“small” TeX   26-29 
TeX now on microcomputers 
  Addison-Wesley Publishing Company 
  Lance Carnes 
Macros for two-column format 
  Craig Platt 
Trees in TeX 
  David Eppstein 
Recipes and fractions 
  Donald Knuth 
News & Announcements
TeX, the program   38 
News & Announcements   38-40 
Calendar   39 
Conference: TeX for scientific documentation, Como, Italy, May 16–17, 1985   39 
TUG Annual Meeting, Stanford University, August 14–16, 1985   39 
TeX and Metafont reports available from Stanford Computer Science Department   40 
Textset, Inc.—TeX and the IBM PC, TeX-to-PostScript   41 
Advertisements   41-46 
Addison-Wesley—MicroTeX   42 
TUG—TeX Lectures on Tape   43 
Textset, Inc.—Professional TeXware   44 
Talaris   45 
Personal TeX, Inc.—PCTeX   46 
Membership application and order form   47-48 
Order form for AMS publications   49-50 
TeX82 order form   51-52 
The TeXbook: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List, including Profile of TeX installations 

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