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TUGboat 12:3-4, December 1991

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TUG 1991 Conference Proceedings (Dedham)

Complete issue 12:3-4, part 1 as one pdf (9.7mb) 
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TUG 1991 Conference Proceedings Part 1
Title page   349 
President's introduction 
  Nelson Beebe 
Keynote Address
Two sides of the fence 
  Nico Poppelier 
Comparing TeX and traditional typesetting for the composition of a textbook 
  Laurie J. Petrycki 
Contra-LaTeX, or what really works in the publishing world 
  Frederick H. Bartlett 
TeX in a book production department 
  Howard Ratner, Kenneth Dreyhaupt 
dvi and eps: The ideal author-to-publisher interface? 
  Berthold K.P. Horn 
Producing a book using TeX: How the process works 
  Neil A. Weiss 
Authors new to TeX publish a textbook with a publisher new to TeX 
  Samuel E. Rhoads 
The “Five Cs”: A guide to successful publication using TeX 
  Colleen Brosnan 
LaTeX/TeX user: A typist, or typesetter? 
  Anita Hoover 
Simultaneous electronic and paper publication 
  John Lavagnino 
SGML versus/and TeX 
  Robert McGaffey 
Typesetting SGML documents using TeX 
  Andrew E. Dobrowolski 
Specifying document structure: Differences in LaTeX and TEI markup 
  C. M. Sperberg-McQueen 
A structured document preparation system—Autolayouter version 2.0—an enhancement for handling multiple document types 
  Takashi Kakiuchi, Yuki Kusumi, Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Kazu Tsuga 
Refining a process 
  Linda Williams 
Future Issues
A text processing language should be first a programming language 
  Luigi Semenzato, Edward Wang 
Should TeX be extended? 
  Michael Vulis 
TUG Business
TUG 1992 annual meeting, Portland, Oregon   448 
Institutional members   449-450 
TUG membership applications   451-452 
TeX consultants   453 
Advertisements   454-468 
Index of advertisers   468 
TUG 1991 Conference Proceedings Part 2
Title page   469 
Automatic conversion from a scientific word processor to TeX 
  Cay S. Horstmann 
On the logical structure of mathematical notation 
  Dennis S. Arnon, Sandra A. Mamrak 
Math into BLUes 
  Kees van der Laan 
Dialog with TeX 
  Michael Downes 
Form letters with 3-across labels capability 
  Jackie Damrau, Michael Wester 
Typesetting forms with LaTeX 
  Mark A. Roth 
Developing a pop-up help facility for TeX on PCs 
  Peter Flynn 
7 bits good, 8 bits bad or “The eight-bit blight” 
  Malcolm Clark, Brian {Hamilton Kelly}, Niel Kempson 
Graphics and Fonts
Bitmaps and halftones with BM2FONT 
  Friedhelm Sowa 
TeX and those other languages 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Siamese TeX: Joining dvi files at the hip and other novel applications of vf files 
  Don Hosek 
When TeX and Metafont talk: Typesetting on curved paths and other special effects 
  Alan Hoenig 
Participants at TUG'91   558-561 
Calendar   562-563 
The Donald E. Knuth Scholarship for 1992   563-564 
GUTenberg'92, Les Diablarets, Switzerland   564-565 
Advertisements   568-588 
TUG 1992 annual meeting, Portland, Oregon   570 
Index of advertisers   588 

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