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TUGboat 11:1, April 1990

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Title page   
Editorial information   
Addresses   3-4 
General Delivery
General Delivery   5-12 
From the President 
  Nelson Beebe 
From the past President and Annual Meeting host 
  Bart Childs 
Donald E. Knuth Scholarship   7-8 
Coordination of non-English use of TeX 
  Michael Ferguson 
Using TeX 3 in a multilingual environment—Some ideas 
  Peter Breitenlohner 
Erratum: The new versions of TeX and Metafont, TUGboat vol. 10, no. 3   12 
Virtual Fonts: More Fun for Grand Wizards 
  Donald Knuth 
Additional Hyphenation Patterns 
  Gerard Kuiken 
Typesetting modern Greek—An update 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Combining graphics with TeX on IBM PC-compatible systems and LaserJet printers 
  Lee S. Pickrell 
Summary of resources available to TeX users 
  Barbara Beeton, Ronald Whitney 
A proto-TUG bibliography 
  Barbara Beeton 
The Clarkson archive server—Update as of 26 January 1990 
  Michael DeCorte 
IBM VM/CMS site report 
  Dean Guenther 
Typesetting on Personal Computers
Une version complète de TeX du domaine public pour compatibles PC: Les “deux disquettes GUT” 
  Nicolas Brouard 
Unusual Paragraph Shapes 
  Victor Eijkhout 
TeXT1 goes public domain 
  Dean Guenther 
General Delivery
Solution to crossword of TUGboat vol. 10, no. 3   56 
Showing-off math macros 
  Michael J. Wichura 
How to avoid writing long records to TeX's \write streams 
  Peter Breitenlohner 
Forward references and the ultimate dirty trick 
  Lincoln Durst 
Output routines: Examples and techniques. Part I: Introduction and examples 
  David Salomon 
The LaTeX column 
  Jackie Damrau 
Announcing two reports: SGML-LaTeX and Journal style guidelines 
  Kees van der Laan 
International LaTeX is ready to use 
  Joachim Schrod 
The new font family selection—User interface to standard LaTeX 
  Frank Mittelbach, Rainer Schöpf 
A style option to adapt the standard LaTeX document styles to A4 paper 
  Nico Poppelier, Johannes Braams 
Some macros to draw crosswords 
  Brian {Hamilton Kelly} 
Deutsche Kurzfassungen der TUGboat-Artikel 
  Luzia Dietsche 
News & Announcements
TeX, TUG, and Eastern Europe 
  Hubert Partl 
News & Announcements   122-126 
Calendar   123-124 
GUTenberg'90, 15–17 May 1990, Toulouse, France   125-126 
Call for papers: SGML & TeX conference, 31 August 1990, Groningen, The Netherlands   126 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Barbara Beeton 
TUG Business
Institutional members   128-130 
TUG membership application   131 
Index of advertisers   148 

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