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TUGboat 6:3, November 1985

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News & Announcements
TUG Annual Meeting, Tufts University, July 28–31, 1986   c3 
Complete issue 6:3 as one pdf (4.4mb) 
Title page   109 
Addresses of officers, authors and others   110 
Official announcements   111 
General Delivery
Message from the outgoing President 
  Pierre MacKay 
General Delivery   112-114 
From the President 
  Bart Childs 
Site Reports
Site Reports   113-139 
General Delivery
Statement of principles   114 
Packed (PK) font file format 
  Tomas Rokicki 
Hyphenation exception log   121 
Font Forum
Editor's introduction 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
Mathematical symbols and cyrillic fonts ready for distribution (revised) 
  Barbara Beeton 
Output Devices
Output Devices   129-131 
Charts: Output devices and computers   129-131 
Index to sample output from various devices   131 
Site Reports
The TeX directories at the “source”—Stanford   131-132 
TeX in the UK and Ireland: TeXline   132 
Data General distribution news 
  Bart Childs 
MVS TeX site report 
  Craig Platt 
TeX at Washington State University 
  Dean Guenther 
Reports on TeX implementation at HUCC 
  Tsunetoshi Hayashi 
Unix TeX site report 
  Richard Furuta 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Barry Smith 
Typesetting on PCs
Table of “small” TeX implementations   139 
Assembling a moderately-priced, high-performance clone of the IBM PC for running TeX 
  Mitch Pfeffer, Alan Hoenig 
Review: The Boston Computer Society's IBM PC & compatibles technical word processor review 
  Barbara Beeton 
Warnings & Limitations
The PLAIN truth: buildrel 
  Barbara Beeton 
Announcement of LaTeX Version 2.09 
  Leslie Lamport 
A solution to the tower of Hanoi problem using TeX 
  Bruce Leban 
Wiggly lines 
  A.G.W. Cameron 
Stream lists and related list types for LaTeX 
  Reinhard Wonneberger 
LaTeX command summary (Version 2.05) available from TUG   158 
Letters   158 
Inquiry: Historical compilations 
  Rick Hendricks 
Inquiry: 35mm slides with SliTeX 
  Kathy Hornbach 
News & Announcements
Calendar   159 
News & Announcements   159-160 
Acknowledgement of contributions   159 
TeX for Scientific Documentation, Strasbourg, France, June 19–21, 1986   160 
TUG Business
Proposed TUG 1986 budget 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Addison-Wesley—MicroTeX   162 
Advertisements   162-166 
Textset, Inc.   163 
TUG—TeX lectures on videotape   164-165 
Personal TeX, Inc.—PCTeX   166 
TUG membership application   167-168 
TUG order form   169-172 
TeX82 order form   173-174 
The TeXbook: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List, including Profile of TeX installations 

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