[Xy-pic] problem after 3.7 -> 3.8.1 upgrade

gabriele balducci balducci at dschgrazlin2.units.it
Mon Jun 21 09:25:15 CEST 2010

hi there,

> I put up a new http://krisrose.net/xypic.map file following a suggestion 
> of Alex.  I'd be very grateful if you can try it and report back to me 
> whether it works now!

unfortunately the new version of xypic.map does not solve the
problem. I'm sorry not being in the position of giving some more useful

Perhaps I can add the following to what already said. In my notes about
previous installation of 3.7 (back to 2006) I find:

    xypic installation requires all old xy* files under $TEXMF and/or
    $TEXMFLOCAL to be deleted.

I did not wipe old xy files out this time: might this be related to
the current problem?


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