[Tugindia] reg.-automation

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Dec 8 13:46:18 CET 2003

>>>>> "Karthikeyan" == Karthikeyan P <karthikp at sps.co.in> writes:

    Karthikeyan> In LaTeX, Have any automatic option (e.g., split the
    Karthikeyan> column or Loading the tables or figures or etc., from
    Karthikeyan> another directory with placing figures or tables
    Karthikeyan> particular area in page or etc.). 

I guess, starred versions of float environment in LaTeX and
\graphicspath command provided by graphicx package are what you are
look for.  However, this is an RTFM (Read The Fabulous Manual)

    Karthikeyan> Please give solution.

You might please consider the following for the benefit of
subscribers and yours as well: 

* Please write your questions as comprehensible as possible. Since
  you're working in a text processing company, you could very well
  make use of your copy-editing team, so that we need not guess to
  understand your question, often going in the wrong way than you

* Subscribers in this list would appreciate if you post intelligent
  questions.  Often, hesitation to read the relevant manuals or
  tutorials seems to be your problem, rather than that posed by TeX or

* Mailing list is not a substitute for reading manuals.



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