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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 03:22:34 CET 2011

On 14 November 2011 09:43, Charlie Sharpsteen <chuck at sharpsteen.net> wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Philip TAYLOR <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Paul A Norman wrote:
>>> Does it warrant a turn-off-able auto-detection of Preferences, and
>>> throwing up an advice or launching the appropriate part of TeXworks
>>> help if there is no typeset engine set or detected in likely paths?
>>> Or would it be it too complicated to determine whether there is an
>>> appropriate typesetting engine in path or settings?

May be a simple PATH type test appropriate to OS, on first TeXworks
run looking for TeXlive or MiKTeX- (or ...?) version of pdfLaTeX
(XeLaTeX? LuaTeX?) --also showing at that point, an option to turn
further testing off?

Perhaps if people want anything more exotic than that its entirely
their responsibility?

> For a start, we should re-write some of the web pages so that it is
> explicitly stated in the first few paragraphs that TeXworks is just a piece
> of a larger system and that a user will need to install something like TeX
> Live or MiKTeX in order for TeXworks to be functional.
> I believe there was a discussion about this a few months ago, but I cannot
> find the thread offhand.

Yes you are right Charlie there was, I think it was concluded that the
need is to  change the TeXworks Google Code front page, I think the
TUG one has proven to be more easily edited or something and I think
Stefan(?) has put some great effort in there already.

Is there a known procedure for editing the Google Code Texworks front
page or is it some how frozen?


> -Charlie

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