[texworks] TeXworks 0.4.3 : where is the transcript file

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Sun Nov 13 17:24:50 CET 2011


Notepad++ does exactly that like WinEDT, too. This is why I use it atm to 
view my log files (and also to edit my .bib-files).
Another great feature in TeXworks could be, if it displays the log file in a 
seperate window/tab and could parse the LOG file for Erros/Warnings with 
given line numbers, that it can "sync" those two windows (You Ctrl+Click on 
the Error and TW focuses on the line in the source file where this error 
But likely the .log-files aren't standardized enough to be parsed in this 
way, or am I wrong?


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There would appear to be a more serious problem.
If I /do/ open the log file in TeXworks, the next
run then behaves anomalously and an empty log file
(or perhaps no log file) is produced. WinEDT appears
to circumvent this problem by closing input files
once they are on-screen; it can then detect that
"the file in the current window has been modified
by another application", and ask "Do you want to
update the window from <log file location> ?"

Would it be possible to incorporate functionality
analogous to this in a future release of TeXworks ?

** Phil. 

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