[texworks] Texworks, makeindex and the -aux-directory option

Jorge Ramos neyuru at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 05:12:11 CEST 2011

Hello world:

I am using Texworks as the editor for a book project I have.
Currently, Pstricks and makeindex are involved, so I created a
customized batch file containing the following  compilation train:
latex-> makeindex -> latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf.

In both latex passes, I included the option -aux-directory=SOME_PATH
in order to keep the folder containing the tex files as clean as
posible. SOME_PATH was established as: "%2\aux_files" where %2 expands
as $directory, because I edited with the tool configuration the
arguments passed as %1 and %2 as $basename and $directory

Latex is able to open the folder and places the aux files. The problem
arises when makeindex is invoqued (after the first latex pass) because
I can't find a way to make makeindex write in the \aux_files
directory. I tried giving makeindex the following: "%2/aux_files/%1"
and it succeds finding the idx file but cannot writte the ind file
there, for obvious reasons. I've tried several other names to be given
to makeindex, e.g. "..\aux_files\%1" or similar (don't worry about the
\ or the /, I've traied them both) but makeindex literally tries to
find the name given and does not recognize ..\ as directory jumps.

As I am new to Texworks I don't know if it is possible to give
makeindex not the absolute, but the relative paths necesary for it to
find the idx and succesfully create the ind file -in the aux folder-
with some commands unknown to me. I've also tried giving: makeindex -o
"%1" %2/aux_files/%1, with the intention to tell makeindex to look at
%2/aux_files/%1 but to write (sigh) to "%1" with no luck.

I'm stuck... any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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