[texworks] problem with shortcut

Carlo Marmo carlo.marmo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 16:00:16 CEST 2011

> This seems like a weird place to me, somehow (though since it's not an
> absolute path and I don't know your setup, I can tell for sure).
> Is the folder you get when you click on "Scripts > Scripting TeXworks >
> Show Scripts Folder" a sibling of that folder (i.e., they have the same
> parent folder, namely .Carlo/texworks). If not, you picked the wrong folder.
> According to
> http://code.google.com/p/texworks/wiki/TipsAndTricks#Locating_and_customizing_TeXworks_resources,
> the folder should be something like "C:\Users\Carlo\TeXworks\configuration"
> on Windows 7...
The folder I am redirect to when pressing "Show Scripts Folder" is:


The folder where I've put "shortcuts.ini" is:


Did I pick the wrong folder?
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