[texworks] XeLaTeX Typsetting tool

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 09:14:37 CEST 2011

Ok I take this statement from ealry in the February 2011 fontspec
manual (P.3.) to imply that users of XeTeX (and XeLaTeX?) are expected
to transitoin over to LuaTeX ...

"Because fontspec is designed to work in a variety of modes, this user
is split into separate sections that are designed to be relatively independent.
Nonetheless, the basic functionality all behaves in the same way, so
previous users
of fontspec under XETEX should have little or no difficulty switching
over to LuaTEX."

XeLaTeX in a sense then filled a gap that pdflatex was not going to
enter, as LuaTeX was planned?

So if on pdflatex and not on XeLaTeX go straight to LuaTeX  - MikTeX
that would be 2.9, (unless you have some sort of package issues) would
be then be the best approach ..?

I realise that all this is very clear to those closely involved, but
not so clear for ordinary TeXworks users like myself.

I intend to try and make some useful TeXworks scripts then focussed on
fontspec and imparticlular around font selection in  LuaTex
implementation  (with mkluatexfontdb and etc in mind) or is that


On 17 July 2011 19:23, Paul A Norman <paul.a.norman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Or will there be a future high degree of compatibility of documents
>> prepared for XeLaTeX to fit in under LuaTeX?  fontspec package wise -
>> sort of convergence I alluded to in an earlier posting?
> As hinted at in ...
> Chapter. 7 Cross-compatibility with pdf TEX and/or LuaTEX
> in XeTeX-reference.pdf
>> Or are XeLaTeX and LuaTex to be seen into the future as having a
>> common (La)TeX basis, but as being two completely unconnected entities
>> as far as even future document preparation/editing goes?

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