[texworks] XeLaTeX Typsetting tool

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 19:56:10 CEST 2011


On 2011-07-17 04:57, Paul A Norman wrote:
> In terms of project management (and its development in TeXworks)...
> 1. When licensed under Open conditions, otf and ttf fonts should
> obviously always accompany the project (in case they are not on the
> recipient team member's system) - and in any event should always be
> included for archiving with/in the project.
> Do either LuaTeX or XeLaTeX allow utilising  font(s) for use from a
> nominated project directory? Is there a files path type situation as
> with \insertgraphics - \graphicspath{} ?
> 2. I have seen packages in the past for LaTeX (can't think of one
> right now) that will gather up all the files used in a LaTeX project,
> is there anything in LuaTeX and XeLaTeX that will accomplish that for
> .ttf .otf fonts as well especially if the project is only relying on
> fonts that are installed by the system i.e. are not in a project
> directory but say c:\windows\fonts.
> --If not/or even if so, is that something we c/should engineer in
> total or in part form TeXworks as a part of project management?

so far, no definite proposal for project management has been jotted down
- it's been mainly an idea in the back of the head.
As part of that idea, however, I've always imagined two complementary

1) the as-is way, with many separate files (sources, graphics, ...), and
probably a single additional file containing information about the project.

2) the "bundle", with all the above files wrapped up in a single file
(e.g., zip archive or similar).

(1) provides backwards compatibility, whereas (2) would allow for easy
archiving, sending, and collaboration (without version control).
Switching between the two should of course be seamless to the user.

So, for the as-is way (1), I'd rather not bundle everything, as that
would be a maintenance nightmare, not to mention a waste of space (if
use the same resources like fonts in several projects). As for (2), I
can imagine to let the user customize what additional files (such as
fonts) to include in such a bundle apart from the essentials.

But as hinted at above, none of this is in any way an official policy,
just my personal thoughts.


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