[texworks] New Windows version - please test

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Sun Nov 21 15:47:38 CET 2010

Hi Stefan,

is it possible to test this version beside my TL2010 installation? Or
have I to replace it?


quoting Stefan Löffler, [21.11.2010 15:43 +0100]:
> Hi,
> I've just posted a new Windows build on both Google Code and my website
> (r686). Recently, I've received mails that this should work well with
> both RTL languages and CJK pdfs, so this is looking pretty good. I also
> managed to include the python scripting plugin now.
> However, I still don't have asserted that this works well on all
> versions of Windows and that there aren't any unforeseen problems.
> Therefore, this is a call for help to the community (those that use
> Windows, anyway).
> Please test the new build as thoroughly as possible. Some things to look
> out for:
>  * Recent changes (including, e.g., handling of filename changes before
> retypeset, open/save dialogs, listing of spelling dictionaries, proper
> display of menus, drag&drop of images, as well as the behavior of search
> results and tags in the source window, print option)
>  * Pdf preview (is everything looking as it should, particularly with
> embedded fonts and/or non-standard (e.g. non-latin) fonts)
>  * Help file (is some version of Alain's available via the help menu)
>  * Scripting (all of QtScript, lua, python should work now; importing
> additional packages (lua & python), reloading of scripts list (in
> particular after adding/removing files and directories))
> Of course please also report anything else that has worked before and no
> longer does. Please don't report things that have not worked before
> (e.g., things that have been reported before on GC and are not yet
> marked as fixed).
> Obviously, I'd like to hear also of test runs in which everything worked
> as expected. Please, always include the Windows version you use and
> whether it's 32bit or 64bit (I think you should be able to determine
> that by right-clicking on "My Computer" and selecting "Properties"; or
> else somewhere in the control panel) for reference.
> Thanks,
> Stefan
> PS: Sorry, only a zip file and no installer yet. I'm working on that ;).

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