[texworks] New Windows version - please test

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 15:43:40 CET 2010


I've just posted a new Windows build on both Google Code and my website
(r686). Recently, I've received mails that this should work well with
both RTL languages and CJK pdfs, so this is looking pretty good. I also
managed to include the python scripting plugin now.

However, I still don't have asserted that this works well on all
versions of Windows and that there aren't any unforeseen problems.
Therefore, this is a call for help to the community (those that use
Windows, anyway).

Please test the new build as thoroughly as possible. Some things to look
out for:
 * Recent changes (including, e.g., handling of filename changes before
retypeset, open/save dialogs, listing of spelling dictionaries, proper
display of menus, drag&drop of images, as well as the behavior of search
results and tags in the source window, print option)
 * Pdf preview (is everything looking as it should, particularly with
embedded fonts and/or non-standard (e.g. non-latin) fonts)
 * Help file (is some version of Alain's available via the help menu)
 * Scripting (all of QtScript, lua, python should work now; importing
additional packages (lua & python), reloading of scripts list (in
particular after adding/removing files and directories))

Of course please also report anything else that has worked before and no
longer does. Please don't report things that have not worked before
(e.g., things that have been reported before on GC and are not yet
marked as fixed).

Obviously, I'd like to hear also of test runs in which everything worked
as expected. Please, always include the Windows version you use and
whether it's 32bit or 64bit (I think you should be able to determine
that by right-clicking on "My Computer" and selecting "Properties"; or
else somewhere in the control panel) for reference.


PS: Sorry, only a zip file and no installer yet. I'm working on that ;).

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