[texworks] TeXWorks under MiTeX Portable - two different .exe s?

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 11:27:46 CEST 2009

>"I see that you use another message and changed the subject"
Apologies! Had no idea that would happen :)

>"Now how do you manage the path and system variables for the portable

It was simpler than I could have guessed.

Relative or Don't use a drive letter!

..\..\..\LaTeXPortable\LatexUtils\MiTeX 2.8.3541 Portabe\miktex\bin

XAMPP and Apache installs using paths like:

 Alias /trials "/LaTeXPortable/xampp/htdocs/trials/"

Somethings have to be reset manually when a new drive leter is assigned, but
so far no grief.


2009/9/29 Alain Delmotte <esperanto at swing.be>

> Hi Paul,
> I think the MikTeX version is the version created by Jonathan, not mine.
> Which version is it? Could you check the version through Help/About?
> Further the dll are not the same depending the compilation system: MinGW -
> MSVC - Jonathan system.
> Now, why they have 2 exe??!! Did they compile it them self?
> Now how do you manage the path and system variables for the portable
> system? When you use a USB, its drive letter change depending on the
> computer on which you work!
> Alain
> NB. I see that you use another message and changed the subject. Some people
> would not like this very much because they use the message ID as refreence
> and changing the subject doesn't change this one. On the MikTeX list you
> would get an angry reply about this. :-))
> Paul A Norman a écrit :
>> Hi everyone!
>> I need to work remotely sometimes and rely on  local machines that may not
>> have a good or any internet connection at all when it is not feasible to
>> take a lap top with me.
>> While the scripting in TeXWorks is experimental and  beta, in order to
>> keep using it under MiKTeX portable, I have used Alain's advice on a
>> configuration ini and relative paths to establish a parallel TeXWorks editor
>> (in addition to the one that is released with Portable).
>> I am doing this as sometimes I need portability and the most obvious way
>> to keep it up to date in readyness for remote useage is to use it all the
>> time, so I have it on my hard drive and just re-clone it to USB or portable
>> drive when I need to work remotely (perhaps with little or no internet
>> available for package updates).
>> I have  made a "cpmplete" install of MikTeX 2.8
>> Is there anything about using TeXWorks like that that I should expect to
>> have to try and troubleshoot in advance please?
>> So far everything is fine - but why I am asking this  is that in the
>> MiKteX /bin I see both a TexWorks.exe and a MiKTeX-TexWorks.exe, the file
>> sizes and dates appear identical.
>> Are these exes the same as the general beta number releases from Alain?
>> (Obviously Without scripting and printing support.)
>> Does that mean that there is something I should watch for in just using
>> the regular "everything" releases that Alain provides while I am working
>> under MiKTeX portable?
>> Paul
>> 2009/9/27 Thomas Floeren <tomfloeren at mac.com <mailto:tomfloeren at mac.com>>
>>    Hi,
>>    I just installed the actual TW-Version on my Mac an I noticed that
>>    there is still this ugly "Übersetzen" in the typeset menu.
>>    This is definitively a heavily faulty translation..
>>    This has been discussed on this list ~2 months ago, with the same
>>    result, btw.
>>    Personally I dont bother much with the translations. But there may
>>    be people who care, e.g. because they are bound to their language
>>    and have no other choice. Not everybody understands English! So,
>>    in my opinion, also the translations should be done in a more or
>>    less appropriate way.
>>    @ the developer: if you continue to have problems with the german
>>    localization, just send me the files; it will be done in 30
>>    minutes (I hope).
>>    Best wishes
>>    Thomas
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