[texworks] Icon v6 (was: Icon v5)

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 19:30:59 CEST 2009

On 2009-07-16 14:59, Jérome Laurens wrote:
> It is much better but I still feel a bit uncomfortable with it.
> My problem is that blender creates an image too close to the reality
> to accept some inconsistent details.

I take that as a compliment ;).

> The main problem is that a movable metal type is a very small object
> whereas you have given it a bigger size (I guess but I am pretty sure
> you did)
> This causes 2 problems
> 1) the perspective is exaggerated: the top side is twice as big as the
> bottom side, which means that the distance between the eye and the top
> side is half the distance between the eye and the bottom side. Either
> the observer is at 5mm of the type or the type is 50cm deep... None is
> realistic.

Well, compared to the size of the type, the camera was indeed very close.

> 2) the shadows are not properly rendered. Actually, you are using a
> point light source, hence the very precisely shaped shadow regions.
> In reality, the object is smaller that the light source, which means
> that the shadows must be blurred.

I'm really impressed. I did indeed use a point light (basically because
that's the first alternative Blender offers).

> It is tango style. Very nice technically, but it is far too naive IMO,
> not as pro as firefox icon:-(
> Stefan, would it be possible to render the background type in a
> similar position ?
> Then maybe we can add a pen.

Sure. New version is attached. If I may add my 2 cents:
 * I, too, like the idea of the pen and of course the great inscription.
 * I kind of dislike the heavy outline of the pen (which has a rather
drastic contrast to the rest of the image anyway).
 * Would it be possible to make the pen thinner and/or longer? It looks
rather compressed to me. Or give it a more three-dimensional look if
it's supposed to be viewed at an angle.

Finally, the obligatory
Changelog for the attached file:
 * Different camera position and angle
 * Changed point light to a directional light
 * Made the shadows softer/blurred (this actually increases render time
quite considerably ;)).
 * Changed the textures and lights a bit to accommodate to the new

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