[texworks] new Mac binary posted - testing welcome

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 07:24:37 CEST 2009


On 2009-07-10 01:40, Juergen Fenn wrote:
> There are some points I would like to mention after a *very* quick test:
> - Syntax highlighting did not work after Datei|Neu aus Vorlage (File|New
> from template?). I had to close the file and reload it, then it worked fine.

WFM (on Linux). Does the problem persist (i.e., if you repeat these
steps now that you got it to work, is syntax highlighting still broken
once you use a template)?

> - I could not switch back from full screen view to the normal windows
> view. No button is displayed for that, and pressing ESC once or several
> times does not work either, so I had to quit TeXworks via CMD-q...

I agree that something like Esc should be supported (in addition to
Ctrl+Shift+F!). However, at least here on Linux, I still see the menu
bar, even in full screen mode. This may be disturbing (e.g. if you want
to use full screen mode for a presentation), but it enables the user to
switch back to windowed mode in the same way he got to full screen in
the first place (many people don't remember or even look at short cuts,
especially when just trying something out once).

> - When I selected File|Open for the first time the dialog started in the
> Applications directory. I think it sould start in your Home directory.
> Perhaps there is a way to change this?

Is there a way to determine if an app was started from the terminal or
from the GUI? In that case I'd suggest to use the current directory in
the first case and the home directory in the second. Otherwise I'd go
with the suggestion of using the home directory as default.

> - The icon you get when switching between applications by CMD-TAB is too
> low in resolution. It just looks too crude, especially next to the new
> Firefox icon... ;-)

Icons are available at all sizes (just tell me what you need). The
problem is showing them ;). My guess is that the icon shown in the task
switcher is the application's icon, though I have no idea how or where
this is defined for Mac.

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