[texworks] Release

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 07:14:22 CEST 2009


On 2009-07-10 00:02, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Although there hasn't been any formal discussion of the process, I'd
> say that unofficially we are in a "feature freeze" in preparation for
> the TeX Live 2009 release; we need to finalize the binaries that will
> ship with TL sometime soon (no, I don't know a precise cut-off date),
> and so I'm trying to tidy things up for those builds.

OK. Got to pester the TL guys about a date. Norbert, aren't you one of
them? ;)

> I saw your possible fix for #138, and will commit that or something
> like it shortly; in my testing, it did improve things but the behavior
> was still not really right, so I'd like to look at it a bit more if
> possible.

Sure, no problem. What strange behavior did you experience, btw?

> This "feature freeze" implies that I'm not planning to take either the
> scripting or printing patches right now; this doesn't mean I'm
> ignoring them, just that I'm not sure they are ready to go into the
> release.

Agreed, they are not ready. Printing is fairly new and untested, and
scripting is more a prove-of-concept than a full-fledged implementation.
A lot of work still has to be put into that.

> Once v0.1 is frozen for TL, I'll definitely tag the sources in svn; I
> will also start a v0.1 branch for any future bug-fixes we come up with
> there. Then I intend to bring these new features into the trunk, to
> become part of the next version. Sorry I haven't been more
> communicative on all this recently; just very busy!

I know the feeling ;). It's no problem, that's why I asked (to give you
an incentive to be more communicative ;)).


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