[texworks] German translation updates

Thomas Floeren thomas.floeren at boschung.com
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"Stapeln" would be the best choice because
- the verb is quite common and thus understandable in this context.
- "Übereinander" is not as precise than "stapeln"; "stapeln" (in this context)
is a special arrangement of "übereinander" which describes exactly this
specific windows behaviour: "übereinander" with a slight offset so that every
window is still accessible.

"Kacheln" is - IMO - not a common word in this context, and can perfectly be
replaced with "verteilen".

So, my proposal: Fenster ... "Stapeln" and "Verteilen"


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Steffen Wolfrum wrote
> And  the verb "Kacheln" is quite special too ... (only used in real 
> life when you construct your own house  :-)
... and yet I think the meaning is still intuitive, as the verb implies 
"arranging several of the same all over the place in a perfectly 
well-ordered fashion". IMHO it is quite to the point, and I can't think 
of any alternative (I don't believe there is one for 'to tile', either).

> So, I am not a linguist but Peter's proposal sounds very clever to me!
<blush> ;-)



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