[texworks] TeXworks Windows available

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jun 13 14:21:55 CEST 2009

Hi Jonathan,

> No, but if you discard the contents of the dirs (leaving them empty, but 
> not deleting them altogether), they won't be recreated. (Or in other 
> words, yes, you can prevent this -- by creating empty placeholder 
> directories before running TW.)

ok, works fine

> BTW, do you end up with left-over temporary files in those dirs, as well 
> as the "real" ones that it puts there? That seems to be a Qt problem on 
> Windows, at least in some cases, but I haven't gotten to the bottom of it.

indeed there remain qt_ files

>> is there a way to turn off the yellow background of the currently 
>> edited line?
> No, sorry. So you don't like this? I find it helpful to keep track of 
> where the insertion point is, in the midst of a large window of text. I 
> guess it could be made a preference option.

making it an options sounds fine to me; currently it somehow distracts 
and kind of visually interferes with the normal syntax highlighting

i admit that locating the cursor is somewhat problematic on a high res 
screen (maybe making the cursor a bit thicker helps)

btw, the windows versions mentions version 0.0.0 but i think that 
texworks is by now good enough to get a real number


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