[texworks] Hard wrapping

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 15:33:35 CEST 2009

On 6 May 2009, at 03:02, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> There are situations when plain (non-wrapped) text may be mixed with  
> wrapped text with commented EOLs, for example
> The following section will propose explanations why, as can be seen  
> in figure~\ref{fig-fig2}%
> \begin{figure}
>  \centering
>  \includegraphics{fig2color}
>  \caption{Statistics for \TeX{} use (including all variants) in the  
> humanities over time,
>    superposed with \XeTeX{} use.}
>  \label{fig-fig2}
> \end{figure}%
> , the use of \TeX{} for scholarly writing in the humanities has  
> increased gradually over time but stayed modest until \XeTeX{} came  
> along.
> Such (impractical) input is necessary if you want LaTeX to place a  
> figure precisely at the first position after this figure is  
> mentioned for the first time.
> You wouldn't normally want to re-wrap such paragraphs automatically,  
> unless you select say several paragraphs (representing several  
> screens) and ask TeXworks to re-wrap all of them in one go, one  
> paragraph having the above structure which escaped your attention.  
> Not very likely, but still...

Nice example, Bruno.... yes, "re-wrap" would certainly make a mess of  

It might make sense for re-wrap to consider [changed] indentation, in  
addition to blank lines, as indicating a new "paragraph" -- although  
this would still not make this entire example safe to re-wrap. For  
that, being comment-aware in some way is also necessary.


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