[texworks] Hard wrapping

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed May 6 16:42:46 CEST 2009


What was to "complex" in the patch of Stefan?
I think it was dealing with the problem submitted by Bruno.

I haven't yet had time to compile and test your system, but the Hard 
wrap from Stefan did only add one line in the Edit menu.
Keeping things simple should not be pushed too far, TeXworks should not 
be only an editor for beginners, IMHO.



Jonathan Kew a écrit :
> On 6 May 2009, at 03:02, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> There are situations when plain (non-wrapped) text may be mixed with 
>> wrapped text with commented EOLs, for example
>> The following section will propose explanations why, as can be seen 
>> in figure~\ref{fig-fig2}%
>> \begin{figure}
>>  \centering
>>  \includegraphics{fig2color}
>>  \caption{Statistics for \TeX{} use (including all variants) in the 
>> humanities over time,
>>    superposed with \XeTeX{} use.}
>>  \label{fig-fig2}
>> \end{figure}%
>> , the use of \TeX{} for scholarly writing in the humanities has 
>> increased gradually over time but stayed modest until \XeTeX{} came 
>> along.
>> Such (impractical) input is necessary if you want LaTeX to place a 
>> figure precisely at the first position after this figure is mentioned 
>> for the first time.
>> You wouldn't normally want to re-wrap such paragraphs automatically, 
>> unless you select say several paragraphs (representing several 
>> screens) and ask TeXworks to re-wrap all of them in one go, one 
>> paragraph having the above structure which escaped your attention. 
>> Not very likely, but still...
> Nice example, Bruno.... yes, "re-wrap" would certainly make a mess of 
> that!
> It might make sense for re-wrap to consider [changed] indentation, in 
> addition to blank lines, as indicating a new "paragraph" -- although 
> this would still not make this entire example safe to re-wrap. For 
> that, being comment-aware in some way is also necessary.
> JK

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