[texworks] A note on shortcuts and variables

Thomas Floeren thomas.floeren at boschung.com
Wed Apr 15 08:35:54 CEST 2009

Rasmus Pank Roulund wrote:
> Alain Delmotte <esperanto at swing.be> writes:
> Hello,
>> Under Windows we get []{}\| with AltGr+anotherkey; AltGr is
>> equivalent to Alt+Ctrl, so Ctrl+] is impossible.
> I was not able to reproduce it. I only tried a couple of times though.
> Either way TeXWorks is /not/ Emacs. Thus, it should be possible to use
> easy-to-come-by shortcuts. (This is written from Gnus btw).
> BTW: Why not imply emacs-like tab function.
> I.e. normal tab is /just/ indent the first time.
> If you do it twice then you'll get your tab-space.
> Shift tab could be un-indent.
> Also: Is there any reason not to have a "play/pause"-like behavior for
> comment/uncomment? I.e. comment region if uncommented and uncomment
> when commented. It might be needed to comment something twice. If that
> is the case this scheme would of course not work.
> Cheers,
> Rasmus


I think it's *not* a good idea to implement this
Often you want to temporarily comment blocks which contain already a few
commented lines; 
with the "play-pause"-behavior these lines would be uncommented, forcing you
to recomment them 'manually'.
I often have this annoyance in Scite with ctrl-Q.

Just my 2cts.

At this occasion: TeXworks is really a nice editor and is getting better and
better. I'm using it more and more (with ConTeXt).
Thanks to all the developpers!

Greetings from Switzerland

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