[texworks] Some comments

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Nov 30 10:17:29 CET 2008


Jonathan Kew a écrit :
> On 30 Nov 2008, at 06:38, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Playing around in TeXworks (working the manuel,...)
>> 1) The Ctrl+Clic for forward and inverse searches is not symetrical:
>> Ctrl+Clic in the source moves the focus to the view at the right place
>> Ctrl+Clic in the view shows the corresponding text in the source, but 
>> the focus is still in the view
>> Is it normal? Reasons?
>> It would also be nice to have the same by keyboard shortcut, without 
>> the mouse!!
> But without the mouse, how will it know what specific location to 
> search for? I suppose source->PDF could sync to the location of the 
> current selection, but what about PDF->source?
Correct, I was thinking from source to view and did not think about the 
other way!
>> 2) I think I did see underlined letters in the Search/Replace dialog 
>> box (on one of my machines) but now I cann't reproduce that!!!!!
> I think they're supposed to appear when you hold down the Alt key (or 
> is it Ctrl?), but I don't run Windows enough to really know what is 
> expected. I haven't done anything special to support them but I 
> thought Qt did this automatically.
It is the Alt key. Strange enough, once you have asked it is remembered 
during the session!! But you have to ask for each: Search and Replace 
(and others if they exist).
> BTW, there are probably lots of commands that don't have any 
> accelerator keys defined (because I'm not accustomed to using them), 
> so suggestions of what should be added are welcome. (Also note that 
> these can be changed during localization.)
I'll make a try! But things seem mixed (I mean there doesn't seem to be 
a clear separation between the different menus and the menu bar, for 

Thanks for the work,


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