[texworks] Some comments

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Nov 30 21:53:03 CET 2008


Alain Delmotte a écrit :
>> I think they're supposed to appear when you hold down the Alt key (or 
>> is it Ctrl?), but I don't run Windows enough to really know what is 
>> expected. I haven't done anything special to support them but I 
>> thought Qt did this automatically.
> It is the Alt key. Strange enough, once you have asked it is 
> remembered during the session!! But you have to ask for each: Search 
> and Replace (and others if they exist).
>> BTW, there are probably lots of commands that don't have any 
>> accelerator keys defined (because I'm not accustomed to using them), 
>> so suggestions of what should be added are welcome. (Also note that 
>> these can be changed during localization.)
> I'll make a try! But things seem mixed (I mean there doesn't seem to 
> be a clear separation between the different menus and the menu bar, 
> for example).
Ok it is possible to add accelerators using Linguist, but it would then 
be required to have them visible, not only after pressing Alt.
Often one uses the first letter as accelerator, but it is not always 
possible; example for the menus: there is *F*ile and *F*ormat, so one 
has to use another letter (in the MS softwares, format has often the "t" 
as accelerator). So one has to "see" the underlined accelerator letters 
to know which one to use.
For the menu, you can start to press Alt, they appear and you add the 
selected letter.
But inside the menus, you are not using Alt+accelerator, just the 
accelerator (at least under Windows), so once again one has to see the 
underlined letters.

 From the behaviour of the Search and Replace dialog boxes, it looks 
like that pressing Alt sets a switch to show the accelerator letters. 
Would it be possible to set it ON for the whole program, permanently?


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