[texworks] new binaries for Windows and Mac OS X

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon Oct 27 14:34:11 CET 2008

Jonathan Kew a écrit :
>> Spellchecking doesn't crash anymore, but every text is underlined.
> I'm puzzled by this; it works fine for me (on all of 
> Mac/Linux/Windows), only underlining the questionable words. What 
> dictionaries are you using?
I am using the latest available dictionaries for Oo.
>> I tried to download the TeXworks_fr.ts file from Google code to 
>> update the translation, but it won't open with Linguist (neither the 
>> _nl).
> That's strange. How did you download the file(s) -- did you do a 
> "checkout" with subversion, or try to download individual files?
I tried to download individual files. The problem is missing " in 
instruction, like <div width = 10> in place of <div width = "10">, at 
least for what I tried, also missing </td>,...
I downloaded by Right+Clic on the file name: "download the target of the 

It looks like I should be added to the project to download with TurtoiseSVN.
>> In the issue 57, st.loeffler discuss root document: is this implemented?
> There is already support for a "root document", see Stefan's notes at 
> http://code.google.com/p/texworks/wiki/TipsAndTricks. I have not yet 
> dealt with the issue raised in #57, however, about the behavior when 
> typesetting.
I still do not have the forward and inverse searchs.
Regexps seem to work.
Still difficulties with the \'E characters on a French keyboard (using 
The problem of unbalanced delimiters seems to be solved.

About the TOC in the view windows: it works when using hyperref, not 
without. Correct?

Thanks for the answer.


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