[texworks] What is your system?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Oct 1 03:16:11 CEST 2008

Jérome Laurens writes:

 > So what is your system, and your working tools?

Hi Jerome,
maybe my answer is not representative.  I'm using Emacs on Gentoo
Linux at home and on Windows at work for almost everything.

The reason I'm interested in texworks is not that I intend to use it
myself.  I'm too much accustomed to Emacs.

The reason I'm very interested in texworks is that for many people
it's too difficult to learn LaTeX AND Emacs at the same time.  What I
have in mind are people who have to write a thesis.  They usually are
under time-pressure and they tend to switch to M$-Word if they are
confronted with two quite complex programs.

They usually prefer some "TeX shells" but there is no one I can
recommend.  They all provide hundreds of useless buttons and there is
only a very small editor window.

What I need is a TeX aware editor which I can recommend to newcomers.
I'm sure that texworks is exactly what I need.  

Maybe nobody except Germans understand how easy life can be.  The
original (German) version of the latex2e short introduction is very
small.  Less than 50 pages.  You can learn latex within a few hours.
You can use this file as a tutorial and as a reference.  It's
sufficient for writing a thesis in mathematics, physics,
engineering... tough I usually recommend to look into amsldoc.pdf
too. Unfortunately the English version is much too verbose.

With the German version of lshort.pdf and a good but simple-to-use
TeX-aware editor I think that the barrier can be lowered dramatically.


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