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Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Sep 4 10:27:02 CEST 2008

Le 4 sept. 08 à 02:13, gkv1 at mac.com a écrit :

> There have been one or two emails about the TeXworks editor, and I'd  
> like to make a comment.
> The main reason that I do not use TeXshop, in spite of its elegance  
> and ease of use, is its editor. It is not a powerful text (or tex)  
> editor, in the sense that emacs, bbedit or textmate are powerful  
> editors. But I would like to use TeXworks, because it too seems to  
> have an elegance of design, and the previewer seems to be likely  
> better suited to TeX than is Skim or Preview or Acrobat. Therefore,  
> my own preference would be for either:
> 1. Texworks to have a power editor, as powerful as the three editors  
> mentioned above. So this means auto-completion, snippets,  
> customization, auto-indent, etc etc.
> *or* (and perhaps better and easier)
> 2. The ability to use an editor of choice. The main aspect of this  
> would be in making, or at least allowing, syncing to work between  
> the external editor and the previewer. (Just allowing an external  
> editor without syncing wouldn't really help at all.) The  
> implementation on the editor side would be left to the developers of  
> the editor.
> It seems that option 2 could happen without losing any of the  
> simplicity intended for TeXworks, because the interface would be  
> unaltered for users who stayed with the original editor.
> Regards
> Geoff Vallis

Let me second that because this is one of the reasons I wrote iTeXMac

Actually, the core of iTeXMac2 just defines the high level  
interactions between the text editor, the pdf viewer and the tex task  
The embedded text editor can be replaced by adding/activating a plug in.
This plugin is either an extended text editor view inside iTeXMac2 or  
just a bridge to an external one.

The choice of the editor, or editor extension, should be made on a  
document per document basis.
For example, when writing a letter, a newbie would definitely prefer a  
form where the address field is connected to its address data base,  
for example.

There are many other reasons to use plugins, not only for the text  
editor but also for the pdf viewer and the text task controller.


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