[texhax] [SOLVED] Help formatting table of contents

Steve Revilak steve at srevilak.net
Sun Oct 24 21:34:56 CEST 2010

>From: "Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd)"

>Just to see what effect it had, I tried the following :
>	\mysingle
>	\begingroup
>	\hsize = 0,5 \hsize
>	\tableofcontents
>	\endgroup
>	\mydouble
>It seems to do what you need.  You will, of course,
>need to adjust the "0,5 \hsize".
>Philip Taylor


Brilliant -- that seems to work perfectly.  Thanks so much.


>>I'm using LaTeX to write my dissertation, and I need to ask for
>>assistance in changing the table of contents format.
>>My university department has an "unofficial" documentclass that's more
>>or less a family heirloom. It's passed down from generation to
>>generation of graduate students and each hier touches it up as
>>necessary to conform to university formatting requirements.
>>Ultimately, the documentclass was based on report.cls; and I think
>>that a solution that works with the standard report class will also
>>work for me.
>>Attached is a sample document for illustration. The sample document
>>has a table of contents where the page numbers are right-aligned
>>against the right margin of the page. I need the page numbers to be
>>right-aligned 5.5 inches from the left margin of the page.
>>I'm sure that my TOC will be longer than one page, so putting
>>\tableofcontents inside a minipage isn't an option. I've tried
>>changing \textwidth before and after \tableofcontents, but that does
>>not seem to have any effect.
>>Any suggestions on how to change the position of the page numbers?
>>Many thanks in advance.
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