[texhax] Question about \aftergroup

Vafa Khalighi vafakhlgh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 13:32:43 CET 2010

I have changed the definition of \normalcolor from color.sty so that it
works in RTL too:

\def\normalcolor{\let\current at color\default at color\ifhmode\if at RTL
\beginL\aftergroup\endR\fi\fi\set at color\ifhmode\if at RTL

If I write anywhere \normalcolor, no problem appears.  I get and not
problem, if I use it inside a \vbox but if I use it inside an hbox such as
\hbox{\normalcolor This is a test.}, TeX complains that misiing \beginL or
\endL inserted, of course that can be solved by having \hbox{{\normalcolor
This is a test}} but I was wondering if anyone knows the cause of the
problem and if there is any good solution for it.

Likewise, it is not possible to use \beginL and \endL in mathmode as far as
I tested, but I need to change \normalcolor in math mode as well so that it
works for RTL text, any solution for this?

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