[texhax] xetex: using fonts with missing glyphs

Lim Lian Tze liantze at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 16:11:10 CET 2010

Hello Susan,

I'm just back from
> hospital after an accident, that's why I didn't react earlier.

Sorry to hear about that! Hope you're much better now.

I don't know if the following snippet (for Chinese) at
http://bbs.ctex.org/viewthread.php?tid=56076 would serve your purpose:

\font\1="AR PL SungtiL GB"

\iffontchar\1\aaa  \char\aaa \else {\2\char\aaa}\fi

Basically the example first uses AR PL SungtiL GB as the font. It then tests
if the character 乘 is defined in the font; if it is, the same font is used;
otherwise switch to SimHei. You could define a new command from this
snippet, depending on your needs.

Best regards,
- Lian Tze -
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