[texhax] Bibliography page is empty

Dan Hatton vi5u0-texhax at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 11:22:45 CET 2007

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007, tgopane wrote:

> Problem: Reference page is empty after compiling. But references
> have been captured.

> My ".bib" file has a lot of entries. My ".bbl" files does not
> receive entries from my ".bib" file. In the master file where all
> the sub-files are called, I have the call:

What order did you run latex and bibtex in?  The usual sequence would

latex masterfile.tex	[possibly several times to get cross-references
 			right; among other things, this creates
 			masterfile.aux, which contains a summary of
 			the citations that were in masterfile.tex]

bibtex masterfile	[this uses the citation summary in
 			masterfile.aux to decide which of the entries
 			in thesisrefs.bib are relevant, and puts those
 			in masterfile.bbl]

latex masterfile.tex	[again, possibly several times; this genrates
 			the dvi file, including the references from masterfile.				bbl.]



Dan Hatton


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