[tug-summer-of-code] Student applications for MathTran JavaScript

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Mon Mar 24 08:25:01 CET 2008


This is particularly for the students who've expressed interest in this 
project.  I'm pleased that there has been so much interest, and I hope 
that some of you might be applying again next year.

I intend, this evening, to read through Google's SOC FAQ
and provide you with additional information about this project.  I 
suggest, if you've not already done so, that you read through the FAQ. 
(You'll need to do so sooner or later, if you're to make a good 

A difficulty (and opportunity) in applying for MathTran JavaScript is 
that the project is quite new and that you will be applying for a moving 
target.  I'll be working on the project myself between now and July at 
about one or two days a week, as part of my regular job.  I hope I can 
post some advice on how to deal with that this evening.

I suggest you look at Google Charts and my blog post on Charts and MathTran:

I think you can expect the person in Google who reviews you application 
to know something about Charts.  Please remember it is Google who will, 
you hope, accept your application and provide you with a stipend.  I am 
simply the mentor in TUG (and it's TUG that will be saying if the work 
in your proposal has been done satisfactorily).  TUG is also responsible 
for reviewing and ranking the TeX student proposal.

Please note that the coding period is May 26th to August 18th.  This is 
just under 3 months.  Please be sure that you will have sufficient time 
in this period, and be realistic, when writing your application, about 
what you can achieve in this time period.

Hope this helps


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